Australian Masters Games : Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities


Through our partnership with the University of Tasmania, there are a number of Australian Masters Games related research projects being undertaken by University of Tasmania and University of Sydney, with opportunities for both athletes and volunteers to participate. 

Further detail regarding these projects is provided as follows: 

University of Tasmania

Being and Becoming a Master’s Athlete 

Take a short survey on why you entered the Master’s Games and have the chance of winning one of five $100 gift vouchers at Sports Authority.

After you’ve taken the survey, you have the opportunity to be given a new digital camera (valued at $150) to photograph your Master’s Games experience and discuss your photos in an interview with one of our friendly researchers.

This project seeks to understand how and why people take part in the Master’s Games. We are interested in speaking to all types of participants – first timers, elite athletes, beginners and experienced, from a range of sports, men and women – so that a range of views are included in this research. The findings will help inform how health professionals, educators and practitioners understand and address the problem of low physical activity later in life. 

Your participation in this project will involve completing one survey (either on-line or on paper). You will be asked questions about yourself (e.g. your age, postcode, education, employment), about your Master’s Games participation (e.g. reasons for participating), and your other involvement in sport and physical activity.

Should you elect to participate in a second part of the project, you will complete an interview, which is like a conversation and will take no longer than 60 minutes. You will be asked questions about your experiences of the Master’s Games and the importance of sport in your lives. You will be given a camera to take photographs of key events or activities that relate to your participation in the Master’s Games.

With your consent, we will use your photographs as part of a planned exhibition for 2018.

CLICK HERE for the survey. 

Specific Food Perceptions of competitors and attendees at the 2017 Australian Masters Games. 

Researchers at the University Tasmania are looking for volunteers to complete an anonymous online survey to gather information about people’s perceptions of certain foods and diets and gastrointestinal health. If you are competing, have competed, are attending or volunteering at the Australian Masters Games then you are eligible to participate! Please complete the 15min online survey on ‘Specific food perceptions of current and previous competitors, volunteers, and accompanying persons at the Australian Masters Games.’ By participating in this survey you will help inform future nutrition research and education.

University of Sydney: 

Survey to investigate the prevalence of nutrition-related chronic conditions in Australian Masters athletes. 

This is an online survey asking registered Australian Masters Games athletes about demographic information, health-related information including medical history and treatment strategies, history of engagement with physical activity, and sources of nutrition information. The physiological effects of the normal ageing process alongside age- or lifestyle-associated health conditions need to be taken into account when recommendations are provided for optimal athletic performance for Masters Athletes. This research will help to inform health professionals about education needs and advice for treatment and performance, and guide further research specific to Masters Athletes.

CLICK HERE to participate in the University of Sydney research project. 
To participate in any of the above projects, please click on the project link, where further information and relevant links are available. Please note that your participation in any of the aforementioned studies is entirely voluntary. We are grateful for your support.


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