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17AMG Official Charity Partner - Start Fundraising

The Heart Foundation, the official charity partner of the 17th Australian Masters Games, is committed to getting games participants active and to supporting them to learn more about how to improve their heart health. 

Why? Because heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer, taking 51 lives every day.

One of the aims of the Games is to boost the physical activity levels of people over the age of 30. Participating in regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to prevent and manage chronic disease, including heart disease.

Unfortunately, 56% of Australians are not active enough for good health. Once people turn 18, they are less likely to be active. The Heart Foundation estimates that inactivity contributes to 14,000 deaths a year.

Working together for Aussie hearts

The Heart Foundation and the Masters Games are working together to raise awareness of what people can do to improve their heart health and reduce their risk of developing heart disease.

Heart Age Calculator…

Take the Heart Age Calculator test available on the Heart Foundation website. This online tool helps people understand their risk of having a heart attack or stroke by comparing their ‘heart age’ to their actual age. The Calculator also provides suggestions on what to do next. The Heart Foundation also recommends that everyone aged over 45 years of age, or 30 years of you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, visits their GP for a heart health check; the check is now covered by Medicare and helps to identify a person’s heart disease risk.

Just keep walking…

The partnership with the Masters Games is also an opportunity for the Heart Foundation to promote its popular, community-based physical activity program, Heart Foundation Walking. The program will host a free walking event during the Games, and invites all participants to join in.

Like the Australian Masters Games, the Heart Foundation Walking Program welcomes people of all fitness levels. Visit the Heart Foundation Walking website to learn more.

Be a heart health champion…

We need your help! We would love you to become a heart health champion by supporting our fundraising efforts and helping to encourage others to get active. Please share your Masters Games story; this helps to encourage others to get active and supports the Heart Foundation to raise funds for our vital work.

The Heart Foundation will be there to support you every step, pedal or splash of the way on your fundraising journey. It’s easy to get started: just create your own online fundraising page, and we will be in touch.

The Heart Foundation relies on the generous support of everyday Australians.  If you are joining our fundraising effort or making a donation, we say, ”Thank you”. The kind-hearted support of people like you is the reason the Heart Foundation can continue its lifesaving work.

Countdown until the Games begin

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