Australian Masters Games

Lotts of shooting stars

Ryan Lepore - 8 October 2013

Lotts of shooting stars

The smallbore and air rifle events came to a close at the 14th Australian Masters Games on Tuesday after a successful four days of competition.

Smallbore has many disciplines including  20, 50 and 90 metre prone (laying down) and benchrest (seated with supported arms) events as well the three position event - 20 shots at prone, kneeling and standing.

The air rifle is more straight forward with competitors shooting at targets from 10 metres with a total of 600 shots in an allotted 105 minutes.

Shepparton’s Chris and Sue (McCready) Lott, both competing at their first Games picked up a swag of medals - the majority of them being gold.

Sue, at 32, who has represented Australia in three Olympics and was a Commonwealth Games gold medallist in 1998, just qualified in terms of age-eligibility for the Games this year and showed all her class picking up gold in all three events she entered - the 50 metre prone, the three position and the air rifle.

Husband Chris will almost certainly have a sore neck after picking up three gold and three silver across six events but got the most joy from beating his wife’s score in the three position event.

“I was quite happy to beat her. It’s not something I do very often, she shot quite poorly for her and I shot really well so it was good to get one on her,” he said laughingly. 

Lott was pleasantly surprised by how well the event has been run and commended everyone who made the competition run so smoothly.

“It’s been brilliant, the competition has been excellent, the facilities have been brilliant, the scoring has been so quick. A lot of events you have to wait around all day to see your scores, it’s been a relaxed and social atmosphere so we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,” Lott said

Participants have come from all over Victoria to compete as well as from South Australia and New South Wales

The event would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts of organiser, David Knight who was rapt with the way everything went.

“Everyone we have talked to have had a ball, had fun shooting and everything has worked really well for them, so we’re really happy with they way the event has run,” Knight said.

Knight, a former state champion, was able to find time to compete himself and managed to pick up gold as he was the only competitor in his 30-40 age group for the benchrest discipline.

“Yeah I won gold but I didn’t shoot bad so I was happy, I shot pretty well and sort of earned the medal. But it’s been a great event and everyone is going home happy so that’s the main thing.”

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