Australian Masters Games

Games chairman Royce Fairbrother snares bronze in debut time trial

26 October 2017

Games chairman Royce Fairbrother snares bronze in debut time trial


Close to 100 riders took off down Old Coast Road in Ulverstone taking part in the cycling time trial at the 16th Australian Masters Games with the chairman Royce Fairbrother claiming a bronze medal.

Making his debut in the event, he made a quick start and crossed the line after 14.8km of pedaling in 26 minutes and six seconds, less than four minutes behind the winner of the 60-64 age division.

“It was good fun,” Fairbrother said after his warm down ride.

“Look it’s the first time I’ve done a time trial and it was something quite new to me, so I probably went out a bit hard at the start, but it was good.

“I think I gotta get one of those aero helmets for sure, they look like they’re the good thing – I need one of them and a fancy wheel.

“It’s important to look the part.”

The fastest time of the morning was put down by Tom Aylife in the 30-34 category who clocked 17 minutes and 44 seconds, while former mountain bike world champion John Gregory placed third in his age group.

“There was some really good support out there on the course, people at quite a few points cheering us on which is good,” Fairbrother added.

“It’s good there are a lot of riders here, it would have been a shame if we didn’t have the numbers to put it on.

“A great course, very picturesque place to ride.”

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