Australian Masters Games


28 June 2013


Participants often ask committees organising Masters Events if there is a billeting option available.

The response has always been, “We would like to provide billeting but it is too hard to organise”.

Geelong is hosting the Australian Master’s Games in October and the Cash for Clubs idea is so good that we are encouraging Geelong clubs to get behind the initiative and put available rooms onto the website

Lynne Malone is the WA representative for National Meetings of Masters Swim. Tired of soaring accommodation costs she felt that it was possible to formally organize billeting and link it with fundraising. With the help of her friend Bev Nicholls they have created an accommodation website called EventStay that earns Cash for Clubs.

The key aims are to provide cheap accommodation for competitors and friends attending intra and interstate competitions while at the same time raising money for local clubs.

The website is similar to a hotel booking website. Club members simply register their spare rooms on the EventStay site at $55/$65 for a single/double per night. As a host they should provide linen, towels and access to the kitchen. $20/$30 is given to the host per night to cover costs. The host’s nominated club also receives $20 per night. The EventStay Cash for Clubs program is an easy fundraiser and a win-win situation for all.

The website was used in the recent NSW National Masters Swimming events held in Sydney.Mr Remy Reinker raised $100 for his club the Blacktown City Masters by providing accommodation for Dr Peter Couttie and his daughter for five nights.
Imagine how much money your club will earn if ten members hosted participants!

After their successful stay Dr Couttie wrote a wonderful letter about the hospitality that he received.
“I think EventStay is a wonderful idea. Our hosts were wonderful and too kind.  Remy actually picked us up in his car from the airport, gave us transport with them to the pool and finally dropped us off at the Parramatta St Pat’s cathedral on Sunday morning after which we only needed a taxi to the airport. We could not have had better hosts and friends and we feel so indebted”

Remy and Sue Reinker’s testimonial was similar,
“Overall the process was very easy and once we made contact with Peter Couttie we were able to arrange the rest. It’s a pity that more members did not use this service. This was a very good experience.”

Consider the accommodation option of EventStay for your Games experience and visit

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