Australian Masters Games

Debbie Taylor hitting them okay for a plus one at Masters Games

25 October 2017

Debbie Taylor hitting them okay for a plus one at Masters Games


It was only a last-minute invite by Debbie Taylor’s partner to join the boys on a golf trip and fill a spot that had her entered in the 16th Australian Masters Games and she is more than happy to get the call up.

The 48-year-old from Hobart is a member at the Royal Hobart Golf Club and tries to get out on the course to play a round on the weekend as often as she can around her job.

“I have got the gear, not sure if quite have the game to go with it,” Taylor laughed when asked how she was striking the ball so far this week.

“I love it, absolutely love it… well I work full time, but I try and play every Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m here with my partner Neil and two of his mates, they play at Richmond Golf Club.

“They decided to sign up for this and I was the extra, I was allowed to join in as the plus one.”

Taylor has not played her best golf so far, but she is enjoying the overall experience of her first Australian Masters Games despite a few errand shots throughout the day’s play.

“It’s been a little bit spasmodic, haven’t got my game together yet but I’m trying hard to improve,” she said.

“I had 28, 28 and then 30 points so hopefully today I’ll get a little bit better.

“But the people I have played with have been beautiful, from all around Australian, and that’s the main thing.

“The courses have been excellent, we played at Hurlstone which was a bit long the grass, then Devonport which was stunning and then we played Wynyard on the coast on Tuesday.”

Most of the feedback from competitors has included a resounding tick of approval for the volunteers and local sports clubs who have made the Games such an inclusive and friendly environment.

“Every community has really tried to put something special on for us, all the volunteers and the ladies with the lunch, they’ve really made it a special event,” Taylor added.

“It’s been great, just a lovely social get-together of people who love to play golf.”

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