Australian Masters Games

BOOM aim for finals Gold

By Jahan Emery - 9 October 2015

BOOM aim for finals Gold

Netballer, Marlene Elliott, has been playing the game she loves since the age of six, and she is hoping to win gold in today’s finals at the 15th Australian Masters Games.

“We might scrape in for a medal, we’re hoping to play in the finals tomorrow so we’ll see how we go”, said Elliott, “the results have been great.”

“Even though we don’t play together as much as we used to we still come together and are still fit and healthy and we still love the game and have a real passion for it so we’re doing really well.”

Elliott’s team BOOM have been playing together on and off for over 10 years.

“We’ve played together in both state league and national league and we’ve played together and against each other in that time,” said Elliott.

“We’re all originally from Adelaide but now I live in Melbourne so I’ve flown in for the games. We’re a really tight bunch and friendship is what it’s all about.”

Elliott said that apart from the teams’ medal hopes, it is the lasting friendship and memories, which prompted her to participate in the Adelaide Games.

“My favourite part of the Australian Masters Games are these crazy girls around me and going out at night, as well as catching up with friends from other teams.”

The 15th Australian Masters Games are being held in Adelaide, October 3-10, featuring more than 10,000 participants from across Australia and around the world.

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The Australian Masters Games is proudly sponsored by the South Australian Tourism Commission through Events South Australia. 

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