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As much fun as games for The Gang

Chris Guscott - 4 October 2015

As much fun as games for The Gang

The Australian Masters Games has a large variety of people play and participate, and ‘The Gang’ is just one of the groups which show that having fun is the most important thing of all.

With a large team of roughly 35 playing in the 35+ year old baseball tournament, there are plenty of characters. Team manager Sylvia Pickup knows and loves it.

“We come more for the social aspect; it’s just a fun time for us and we enjoy being out there together, getting together and working together.” Pickup said.

Travelling in from Sydney for the festivities in Adelaide, this certainly isn’t the first time that Sylvia, husband/head coach Alan and the rest of the squad have gone on an interstate trip. The Gang has plenty of experience in national, and international tournaments, such as the local Masters in Sydney and the Pan Pacifics.

However, despite suffering a heavy 18-1 defeat in their opening match on Saturday, the team still manages to find ways to amuse themselves and others.

“The one thing they’ve done this year is that they’ve followed the Abbot and Costello skit ‘Who’s on first’. They had the vests made up, sometimes they even wear them out there. It was very funny because a lot of people didn’t know about it.” Pickup said. 

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