Australian Masters Games

“Play basketball and you will meet your partner!”

Yazhuo Wang - 4 October 2015

“Play basketball and you will meet your partner!”

On the first day of the basketball match, I met Tony Lewis and his wife Pauline. Tony is fifty-four years old who lives and works in Melbourne. This is Tony’s first time arriving in Adelaide, but he has participated in the Australian Masters Games three times before.

“I have played basketball for 40 years, and I played in the University of Melbourne club when I was 15,” Tony said.

When I asked why he prefers basketball to other sports, Tony laughed: “Yes, I tried lots of sports when I was a child like football and soccer, but because I am slim, tall and my father played basketball, he suggested the sport to me. I love basketball too.”

Tony works in an information technology computer company and basketball is just his hobby. However, it was through the university’s basketball club that he met his wife.

“This is my wife, both of us are joining in the Master Games this time, and we will stay in Adelaide the whole week.” Tony said and pointed to his wife.

“I knew my wife Pauline in our university’s basketball club, we became interested in each other in our camp trip. And she is my ‘coach’”, Tony laughed.

“Not only us, we have three couples in our club and they all fell in love with their partner in the club when they studied in university. Yes, we are in the same university.” Pauline said.

“We have three teams in our club, two for men and one for women. Tony was our coach. We met each other at 22 and started dating at 23, but married at 30. I studied social work and Tony studied science in university thirty years ago. If I had not joined the club we would have never met each other and never known these friends. Basketball is a good way to make friends. We always travel together ” Pauline said.

 “Tony stopped playing when he worked in America for about 3 years, because we lived in a university there was no stadium to play. But we married in America.”

When she found out I am a university student and have not joined any sports clubs, she stated: “You can join a basketball club in your university and maybe you can find your partner! Trust me!”

“Any activity is good and healthy for our body. But we like basketball because it has some mix match, so we can play together. I started playing at 18 and I am 55 now. Most players in my team started their playing career from university like me and we will join Masters Games.”

Pauline is also very humorous. “You know, ‘dribbling’ is an action that bats the ball on the ground, and it also means some old lady who can't control their mouth from drooling. So maybe when we are eighty years old ‘we will be dribbling and we still keep dribbling’” she laughed and put her finger near her mouth to make a gesture of drooling.

“We have one son and one daughter, they play basketball like us. We play basketball together in the back yard on the weekend.” Pauline said.

Finally, Tony’s team “Unis-EX” won the game with 33: 11. Tony donated more than 15 scores for his team.    

The 15th Australian Masters Games will be held in Adelaide, October 3-10, featuring more than 10,000 participants from across Australia and around the world.


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