Frequently Asked Questions

 How old do you have to be to compete in a Masters Games?

The minimum age for most sports is 30 years of age however some of the sports, like Gymnastics, the minimum age for participation is 20 years of age. Check the minimum age for your sport on the sport program page of the website. There is no maximum age limit. As long as you meet the minimum age required for each sport you are eligible to participate.

Do I have to qualify to compete in the Australian Masters Games?

The Australian Masters Games is a mass-participation event, open to anyone who meets the age requirements of their sport of choice. It does not impose qualifying standards and welcomes participants from all over the world. The only criteria to compete in the Australian Masters Games is you must meet the age criteria.

Do I have to be a registered member of a sporting club to participate in the Australian Masters Games?

Generally, regardless of background or ability or sporting affiliation is welcome to compete in the Australian Masters Games. Some sports may require you to be a member of the national, state, and/or affiliated body for insurance purposes.

How many sports are involved in the Australian Masters Games?

Between 50 and 60 sports, depending on capacity of the host location.

How many competitors are involved in the Games?

Approximately 9,000+ participants.

What is the difference between an Accompanying Person and a Non Playing Official?

A Non Playing Official is anyone involved in a role that directly assists competitor participation, and includes team manager/s, coach/s, trainer/s, mechanic/s etc.

An Accompanying Person is anyone not participating in sport events, however would like to receive the benefits listed in the Games Package.

The Accompanying Person and Non Playing Official Fee(s) entitles you to experience the fantastic atmosphere, socialfunctions and other benefits of the Games without having to participate in any sports, along with many other benefits listed in the Games Package.

What is the difference between the games entry fee and the sport entry fee, and where does this money go?

 The Australian Masters Games is managed by a not for profit entity via a joint venture partnership between the owners, Confederation of Australian Sport and Australian University Sport.

The participant entry fees for the games go towards the operational costs of staging the event, to ensure a well conducted event for all competitors.

The games entry fee is the same for all participants and is set by the Australian Masters Games organising committee. For the 2013 event, this will be $AUD115 per person. The Australian Masters Games will be maintaining the 70+ year old competitor discount (the only one offered across various Masters Games) of $AUD88 for eligible participants. This games fee component is directed towards the overall games costs such as the Village, entertainment program, ceremonies, and centralised services such as accreditation, staffing, first aid, etc. An additional charge of $AUD27.50 will apply for late entries (received after midnight on 7 August 2013).

The sport entry fee is paid by all participants in addition to the games entry fee, but differs by sport and/or event, depending on what they are entering. This fee is set by the sport organiser, and goes towards the costs of conducting the individual sport competition, including venue hire, equipment and timing costs, etc.

What is included in my entry fee?

All registered participants, Accompanying Persons and Non Playing Officials will receive:

  • Official Games Accreditation Pass
  • Souvenir Games Guide
  • Deakin University Games kit bag
  • Games participant drink bottle
  • Complimentary sponsor items, tourist information, transport information
  • Access to over 55 national standard, professionally organised sport competitions (remember, once you have paid your games entry fee you can elect to play in as many sports as you like with only the additional sport fee payable)
  • Provision of a volunteer workforce to assist and support the delivery of the Games and associated special events
  • Sports medicine services at venues
  • Exclusive participant only access to the Games Village venue
  • Exclusive entertainment at the Games Village, including but not limited too;
    • Opening Ceremony entry
    • Closing Ceremony entry
    • Midweek Party entry
  • Medals for place getters (does not apply to accompanying persons and non playing officials)
  • Participation certificate

NOTE – Personal accident/injury insurance coverage is the responsibility of each individual competitor. AMG strongly encourages each participant to investigate their own requirements and needs to ensure they have adequate cover in place should an accident or injury occur during the Games.

As an international participant, how and which visa do I apply for?

There are many visa options available. As an athlete or visitor to the Games, you are able to apply for a tourist visa. However this will all depend on your true reason for visiting Australia. For general information on applying for visas - click here.

How many volunteers are involved in the Games?

Up to 2000 volunteers (1500 sport and 500 general volunteers).

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